Artworks to f-stops
The Highlands GrillhouseThe Highlands Grillhouse

The Highlands Grillhouse

Protected: Corium Vibe HotelProtected: Corium Vibe Hotel

Protected: Corium Vibe Hotel

The Sausage RollThe Sausage Roll

The Sausage Roll

Aspinalls Whisky Bar & LoungeAspinalls Whisky Bar & Lounge

Aspinalls Whisky Bar & Lounge

The Gin Trading Co.The Gin Trading Co.

The Gin Trading Co.

Chef to Maître D’Chef to Maître D’

Chef to Maître D’

Ruby Little LaunchRuby Little Launch

Ruby Little Launch

Bistro SocialeBistro Sociale

Bistro Sociale

Shakshuka with Spanish ChorizoShakshuka with Spanish Chorizo

Shakshuka with Spanish Chorizo

The Iconic Sausage Roll

The iconic sausage roll, sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry and consumed in the hundreds of millions every year globally. Deliciously enticing in its simplicity, versatile and delightfully fun to eat. And boom, it takes a great pic – golden flakes of pastry, warm hues and a deep red tomato sauce.

Food photography featuring homemade sausage rolls on baking tray
Freshly baked sausage rolls with heaps of colour and shape

Here’s my take on the iconic little master… play to its strength, give it colour and make it fun.

Food photography featuring delicious homemade sausage rolls
Deliciously enticing in its simplicity

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